Seongsu Bae

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Seongsu Bae

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I am a first year of Ph.D. candidate in Artificial Intelligence at KAIST AI advised by Professor Edward Choi. My research interest covers natural language processing, healthcare AI, and multi-modal learning. Specifically, I aim at developing systems that can understand human language and assist the overall process of human decisions.

Work Experience

Research Intern at Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China (2022/10-2023/04)
Research Topic: Text-to-Image Generation, Multi-modal Question Answering
Advisor: Eric Chang and Lei Ji


EHRSQL: A Practical Text-to-SQL Benchmark for Electronic Health Records
Gyubok Lee, Hyeonji Hwang, Seongsu Bae, Yeonsu Kwon, Woncheol Shin, Seongjun Yang, Minjoon Seo, Jong-Yeup Kim, Edward Choi, 2022, Proc. of Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2022 Datasets and Benchmarks [arxiv]

Graph-Text Multi-Modal Pre-training for Medical Representation Learning
Sungjin Park, Seongsu Bae, Jiho Kim, Tackeun Kim, Edward Choi, 2022, In Proc. of Health, Inference, and Learning (CHIL) 2022 [arxiv]

Uncertainty-Aware Text-to-Program for Question Answering on Structured Electronic Health Records
Daeyoung Kim, Seongsu Bae, Seungho Kim, Edward Choi, 2022, In Proc. of Health, Inference, and Learning (CHIL) 2022 [arxiv]

Question Answering for Complex Electronic Health Records Database using Unified Encoder-Decoder Architecture
Seongsu Bae, Daeyoung Kim, Jiho Kim, Edward Choi, 2021, In Proc. of Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) 2021 (Oral Spotlight) [arxiv]


2023: CHIL
2022: CVPR, CHIL, NeurIPS D&B